Step 3. Materials

Metal powder compositions for printing parts on SLM equipment

Materials for printing on SLM 3D printers

Metal powders are the materials from which parts are printed. The quality of these powders, along with the melting process and laser operation parameters, determines the physical properties of the product, its reliability, and the overall success of the entire growing process.

At present, Russia has its own powder production, with companies being part of major metallurgical holdings. The quality of the powders is on par with Western counterparts, and in our view, it may even surpass them

What metals and alloys are used for 3D printing?

A wide range of materials, including those that are difficult to process using traditional methods, are available for 3D printing.

We have extensive experience printing with such alloys:

Stainless steel - 316L, 12X18H10T and equivalents
Heat-resistant alloys - Inconel 718, EP648 and equivalents
Chemically resistant alloys, often nickel-based
Inconel 904L
Cobalt-Chromium alloys - Co-Cr28
Titanium grades - VT6, VT1
Aluminum-based alloys RS-333, RS-553

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