SLM 3D printer

3DLAM Mini

The best choice for 3D printing small items. Ideal for dental laboratories, scientific research, educational institutions, and jewelry workshops

Technical Specifications of 3DLAM Mini

220V / 15A (110V optional)
Power supply
Dimensions (mm)
Netfabb 3DLAM, Slicer, Materialise
Country of manufacture
Protective gas
Cylindrical build area, ø92, height 100 mm
Build area
from 20 to 100 μm
Layer thickness
stainless steel, cobalt-chrome, titanium, heat-resistant alloys
Supported materials
IPG Photonics continuous wave fiber laser, 300 W
More technical information is available upon request
IPG Photonics continuous wave fiber lasers provide a unique combination of high power, high stability, excellent beam quality, fiber delivery, extended service life, and record-breaking efficiency. This allows us to achieve uniform product structure and the ability to print parts with intricate channels and lattice structures

Continuous wave itterbium-doped fiber lasers

Our 3D printers are controlled by proprietary controllers developed in-house. Our experience in controller development allows us to have a deeper understanding of the printing processes and influence the accuracy and efficiency of the printing. 3DLAM 3D printers are not assembled from Chinese components; they are entirely domestically developed. This approach minimizes the risks associated with restrictions and sanctions

Our proprietary controllers

Absolute encoders

Our system of absolute positioning with precision of over one million positions per revolution allows seamless recovery of the 3D printing process at any time, even after emergency power loss and restart of the system. This feature ensures uninterrupted printing and eliminates the need for recalibration, providing a reliable and efficient printing experience

Ball screw transmissions

Ball Screw Transmission - a type of linear drive that converts the rotational motion of the screw into linear motion of the nut. In the standard version of our printers, we use ball screw transmissions of precision class C5 (but the installation of C3 class ball screw transmissions is also possible). Additionally, for achieving absolute precision, our 3D printers can be equipped with high-precision optical linear scales
The platform is easily installed within the printing area and secured with a single screw on the end. This allows to use the entire platform surface for printing, without the need to worry about the case when the printed item blocks the platform attachment zone (screw for example)


Some of our SLM 3D metal printers can be equipped with the 3DLAM powder sieving station. The base of the station is a sieve with an ultrasonic cloth. It is designed to separate the large fraction and residual particles of the fused material, allowing for the reusability of the powder up to 5 times or more. Additionally, there is an option available with a vacuum cleaner for the sieving module. The system collects the powder and sieves it in an inert environment

3DLAM powder handling stations

The interface

The interaction between the operator and the printer is carried out through a touchscreen panel, which features several primary control elements. During the printing process, the printer provides warnings for each action and guides the operator step-by-step, ensuring error-free initiation and execution of the print job

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Our own software solutions

Slicer is a computer software used to convert 3D object models into specific instructions for the printer

The quality of the printed items is confirmed by testing

The characteristics and properties of the printed items are confirmed by tests and research conducted by both our clients and customers, as well as by our own team

GOST, TU certificates

We understand the responsibility, and therefore, we pay great attention to equipment and materials certification