Proprietary software

Creating our own software safeguards our clients from the risks associated with foreign software restrictions. You can always turn to us for consultation on using our slicer and receive expert technical support

In-house developed software

Today, there are many software programs for creating 3D models. Autodesk 3ds Max, KOMPAS-3D, SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Blender - all of these programs can be used to create 3D models for SLM 3D printing. In case one program cannot be used, you can easily find an alternative.

However, to initiate the printing process, the model needs to be transformed into information, a set of data understandable to the 3D printer.

There are not many programs that do this. Our team has developed its own software suite for this purpose. All printer systems are controlled by software developed by our team. This suite also includes a "Slicer" - a software that slices the 3D model into layers and manages the process of selective laser melting layer by layer

Stability of operation and absence of any risks

At present, there may arise a situation where issues with foreign software can occur. Such a scenario cannot be excluded in any country.

Even if you still have access to the software, the lack of the ability to receive technical support and service could lead to machine downtime and significant financial losses.
By developing our own software for SLM printers, we address this issue.
At the same time, we do not deprive you of the option to use third-party software, for example, Autodesk Netfabb

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