Step 2. Slicer. Software for metal printing

Converting the 3D model into instructions that are compatible with SLM 3D printer

What is Slicer?

Slicer is a computer software used in most 3D printing processes to convert a 3D model into specific instructions for the printer. Specifically, it converts the STL model into printer commands for melting each layer of the part.

In other words, a slicer "slices" the 3D model into layers so that the SLM printer understands the thickness and shape of each layer and can reproduce the part layer by layer

Advantages of in-house software development

We have developed our own user-friendly slicer that fully implements the capabilities of our machines. Additionally, the 3DLAM 3D printers are compatible with third-party software like Autodesk Netfabb.

Creating our own software safeguards our clients from the risks associated with foreign software restrictions. You can always turn to us for consultation on using our slicer and receive expert technical support.

Our slicer also features remote access for prompt and efficient issue resolution.

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