About us

When using our SLM 3D printers, you won't face the risk of software blockages or vendor shifts in case of geopolitical tensions. The software used for printing is developed in-house, ensuring stability and continuity

Our mission

We strive to provide our customers with cutting-edge equipment that enables the production of high-quality products with maximum precision, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Our company's mission is to be a leader in manufacturing innovative solutions for additive manufacturing of metal products

Our goal

Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving maximum production efficiency, enhancing competitiveness, and advancing their businesses. We believe that our technology is the key to creating more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and innovative solutions in metal product manufacturing


We have assembled a team of professionals and have great respect for the experience of each specialist. This is reflected in the trust we place in each employee's decisions. This approach has proven itself over time. We harness the strengths of each individual, and our employees find both creative and professional fulfillment

3D metal printers are...

SLM 3D printers operate based on the technology of printing through Selective Laser Melting (SLM). During the printing process, the printer deposits metal powder onto the working platform and melts it using laser irradiation. As the printing progresses, each new layer of powder is fused with the previous one, resulting in the creation of a three-dimensional object

We offer on-demand metal parts printing services

The Additive Technology Center division of 3DLAM specializes in manufacturing metal parts and on-demand products printing. You can reach out to us for 3D printing of complex items. The production batch can start from just one item.
One of the advantages of 3D metal printing is the ability to manufacture products from alloys that are challenging to process using traditional methods. We possess extensive experience in producing parts from stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys, titanium, cobalt-chromium, tungsten, bronze, and aluminum alloys, including scandium-containing ones

Our team

  • Ivan Paschenko
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Vladimir Gruzdev
    Director of Scientific and Technical Collaboration
  • Nikolai Drobchenko
    Chief designer
  • Maksim Eremenko
    Head of marketing

We invite you to visit us in person or schedule a video tour!

At our Additive Technology Center in St. Petersburg, 3DLAM printers are working 24/7. Come and personally explore the technology and production process
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