laser additive manufacturing

Russian SLM 3D printers for metal printing and custom on-demand manufacturing of complex parts

Additive Technology Center

We provide equipment for integrating additive manufacturing into traditional production processes, supply SLM systems, and offer on-demand printing services
The number of parts printed throughout our work history
We collaborate with both Russian and international companies
Our own printers print parts for you 24/7
From 2 hours printing time for a part on an SLM machine

Industry 4.0 and 3D printing

Industry 4.0 is a production concept based on the use of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and additive technologies. Additive technologies, also known as 3D printing, are one of the key elements of Industry 4.0

From Concept to Implementation

At 3DLAM, we have undertaken extensive work to create a line of production-ready SLM 3D printers. Starting with research into existing technologies and identifying best practices in the field, we embarked on the development of our own equipment. Through continuous testing and refinement, we have improved our printers, enhancing every aspect to achieve maximum efficiency and precision

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At our Additive Technology Center in St. Petersburg, 3DLAM printers are working 24/7. Come and personally explore the technology and production process
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Areas of application

Where are additive technologies applicable?

Our products

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How do SLM printers print?

The stages of printing metal parts on a 3D printer

Custom 3D printing of complex metal parts

We accept orders for printing parts starting from 1 piece. All parts are printed on our own production 3D printers

Advantages of Additive Manufacturing Technologies

The advantages of using additive manufacturing technologies in production

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